Trails and Shooting Lanes

Roadway and Trail Clearing

Roads, Trails & Shooting Lanes
 Made Easy -

The ground we are able to cover is remarkable and efficient!

We can construct trails, roads, and shooting lanes like never seen before. The technology and equipment Xtreme Tree Shark has makes the possibilities endless.  We offer a more cost effective and attractive finish to our projects (compared to using other conventional methods).  Trails/roads can be used immediately upon completion. 

Clearing Services:

•Any size trees
•Clear large or small areas
•Woods and/or brush full service clearing includes complete mulching everything level to the ground
•Four wheeling, snowmobile, hiking trails, etc.; you name it, we can do it
•Clear your shooting lane(s) for that perfect shot



Advantages of our Services:

•Able to be utilize immediately after completion- no need to do any further work
•No piles to burn or haul away
•Save you the time and back ache of doing it yourself
•Can achieve your project in hours rather than days or weeks!
•Your money goes further
•Make a road or trail as wide and long as you would like
•Can clear your line of sight from your favorite hunting spot  in an eco-friendly manner 

* LNFT Coverage Like Never Seen Before

*Reach 25-30 feet to de-limb or top mature trees

*Chip up to 4 foot in diameter standing tree trunk from the top down.

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