Large Area Tree and Brush Removal Services Baldwin, WIB

Agriculture Services

Do you need help making better use of your most valuable asset?  You came to the right place. We are equipped to efficiently clear tree lines, fence lines, pastures, and heavily wooded areas.  Our services are designed to drive increased revenue and dollars to your bottom line.
  • Delimbing like you have never seen
  • Pasture Clearing without disturbing the soil
  • Turn heavily wooded areas into new crop land
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Real Estate Services

Do you have property that just needs some TLC and you don't have time?  You came to the right place.  Give us 8 hrs and we can transform your property.  Get the value you deserve from your beautiful property.
  • Lot Clearing
  • Clean up property lines
  • Under brush clearing and mowing
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Logging Slash Clean Up

Did your logger leave a mess?  You came to the right place.  Our equipment enables us to efficiently chip up logging slash, tree top, and brush that will break down faster and make more useable land for you.  We can transform your property in hours and in very short order increase the value and usability of your property.
  • No more piles to burn
  • Large coverage in a short amount of time
  • Chip stumps to the ground within 1“ - no more tall or jagged stumps

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Tree Farm Maintenance

Do you have overgrown trees that are no longer marketable? You came to the right place.  We’ll chip your none profitable trees with out damaging your next sale! Quickly making room for the next crop.
  • Chip stumps within 1" of the ground
  • Chip a 30 foot pine from the top down in 30 seconds
  • Quickly remove diseased trees within your crop
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Invasive Vegetation Management

What obnoxious brush and/or trees are taking over your property? Call us today and see how we can quickly resolve this issue and help to eliminate the problem for years to come. Our services will increase the useable area on your property and increase the value of your land.
  • Mulch all unwanted vegetation, fast and affordable
  • Prairie restoration - restoring the natural beauty
  • Follow up chemical application

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    Right of Way Clearing

    Are your over grown right of ways unsafe or unmanageable? We have the equipment to quickly clear the full ROW or just de-limb and clean up the existing ROW.
    • Rates 200 ft to 800 ft coverage per hour
    • No tree to big or brush to small
    • Chip the stumps within 1 inch of the ground or pull them
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