Real Estate Services

Real Estate and Commercial Land Clearing

Real Estate Clearing & Maintenance - 

Increase equity and marketability

of your property.

Our Real Estate Services provide our commercial and residential customers an efficient and cost effective way to maintain their property on a regular basis as well as one-time projects to increase the value and marketability of their property.

Commercial & Residential Services:

•Brush and tree clearing on neglected property, our service make it affordable and easy to get the property up to par
•Can mulch whole trees, so no need to hassle with the remains
•Take tree trunk down to ground level or grind/pull the stumps
•Chemical application for easy management after you have the property the way you want it




•Help with security issues, hazards, and zoning or environmental violations
•Increase your useable acreage by clearing trees and brush on the perimeter - no tree too big or small
•Great for new construction with a wooded lot
•No permits required
•Little to no topsoil disturbance
•Mulching the remains allows the ground to retain the nutrients
•More acreage covered per hour than more traditional methods 
•Attractive finished product compared to other services available by competition
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